Our “Letter to My Sister” Videos

A couple weeks ago, my brother turned me on to one of the funniest damn videos I have seen in a long time, called "Letter to my Sister".  It’s a short film from some of the actors on Saturday Night Live.  It itself is a spoof of some season cliffhanger of the TV show "OC", where they glossed over the gratuitous killing off of a major character by adding an nice soundtrack to the gun battle.

Here is the SNL video:

But, the best part of this video is that a million people have been making their own versions of "Letter to my Sister", by mashing up other movies (or their own videos) with that song (which, by the way, is "Hide and Seek" by Imogen Heap).  The best one I have seen is a mashup of a scene from the movie "300", but you can surf around yourself and see some great ones.

So, obviously, we had to go and make our own videos to join the party.  And, since the only willing actors we had at our disposal tended to be 3 years old, we had interesting challenges for directing the shot.  For instance, we thought it would probably be a bad idea to include, say, a gun in the plot :-)

Brian got his done first, where he decided to use a magic wand.

For our video, I decided to use death rays that shoot out of your hands as the agent of death.  I couldn’t get Monica to be one of the actors in our movie, but the Weaver-Hoisingtons were visiting us from Bend, Oregon, so their two kids play pivot roles in the plot, and Kecia shows up at the end as the last person to die.

Making those videos was a ton of fun.  Now, if I only had the same amount of motivation for finally packaging up those hours of videos of birthday parties, vacations, and Max’s first steps from 2 years ago so our relatives can access them!

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100 Responses to Our “Letter to My Sister” Videos

  1. Jay says:

    ROFL :-) 

  2. Rob says:

    German just stopped by to watch and instantly knew from the music.   

  3. Nichole says:

    That\’s some quality entertainment at 4am.  :-) 

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